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Francis Peh

Holder of multiple Top of the Table awards, Financial Consultant, and Associate Director of finexis.

Francis Peh is a Financial Consultant and Associate Director at finexis, one of Singapore’s largest financial advisory firms.


He is the holder of multiple Top of the Table awards which he had achieved over consecutive years, a true mark of a seasoned elite and one of the world’s most successful amongst life insurance and financial services professionals.

Francis's career in financial advisory is fueled with nothing more than grit and a higher purpose: to make good the sacrifices his mother made for him and to give his family the good life they deserve.

Francis Peh's Story:

Far from his less than humble beginnings, Francis Peh rises to the top of his profession – with nothing more than grit, a will of steel and a can-do attitude.

From age twelve, Francis worked numerous part-time jobs to supplement his family income and support his educational aspirations. He learnt the importance of self-reliance, resourcefulness, tenacity and most importantly, financial freedom, at a tender age. Those formative years instilled in him the belief that where there is a will, there is surely a way – a positive attitude he carries with him always. 


Through sheer determination, planning and hard work, Francis not only managed a high flying career in the army as an Officer-in-Command, he also graduated with First Class Honours in Banking and Finance from the University of London, and topped his cohort in the process.

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He hasn’t looked back since. With his open heart and mind, Francis continues to learn from his interactions with clients, picking up values that one would not learn in business school. These values have enriched his life and helped him grow as a person.

Today, this multi-award-winning financial consultant and Associate Director at finexis advisory, one of Singapore’s largest financial advisory firms, is in a league that accounts for the world’s most successful life insurance and financial services professionals.

Francis is an active member of the following associations:


Peh Clan Association:

• Joined as member in 2005

• Appointed as Committee Member Reserve in 2006

• Appointed as Vice Secretary General from 2008 to 2013

• Appointed as Secretary General in 2014

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry:

• Joined as corporate member in 2006

• Appointed as YEN Committee Member from 2009 to 2015

Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations:

• Joined as member in 2011

• Appointed as Youth Committee Member from 2012 to 2015


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