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Understanding your client

Every client is different and each has their unique needs and wants. It is not our job to give them an off-the-shelf service that somewhat matches what we think they would need at the moment.


Listen to understand and feel the struggles or worries your client might have. We are here for the long haul and we must act that way.

As a financial consultant, the key principle is to mitigate risk in bad times and maximise returns in good times. In other words, the financial plan should not only advance your client's wealth, but also protect the welfare of your client's family and their staff regardless of the economic outlook, and fluctuations of the financial market.

You must first understand your client's financial and personal goals before aligning them with a bespoke financial plan.

This is not always an easy task but it stems from having a good grasp of all your possible solutions and services. This is why we must continually hone our skills and update ourselves with the possibilities of financial planning, so that preparation may meet opportunity.

The value of experience, resources and financial insights


I learned the importance of equipping my clients with the right knowledge so that they can make astute decisions for their future endeavours, as well as a full suite approach to long-term financial management. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with the best minds in and outside of the industry.


Long-term financial management is not something I learned on our own, but through the experience and know-how of the people around me, all of whom I am immensely grateful for.


To find out more about personal or corporate financial solutions, you can submit a contact form at the bottom of the page, or schedule a coffee chat with me here.

Treating your clients with respect

Take the time to know your clients well. Including their family and business. Be interested in each of them as a person.

Being sincere, and practising empathy is the hallmark of building trust with your clients.

As a financial consultant, we should seek to help our clients grow their businesses with peace of mind. They want to know that their wealth is in safe hands, and the welfare of their family, company and employees will be well taken care of. Therefore, one must be committed to walk with his clients through the different stages in their lives. 

Treat your clients with the same respect as you treat your parents. Always remember your roots and be grateful to whoever that comes along your way – that's most important.

A successful consultant-client partnership

Like-minded clients are integral in creating a successful partnership. Sharing similar values with your clients helps as you are able to empathise with them effectively and suggest a suitable bespoke financial solution.


For example, as an individual, I value sincerity, grit, and hard work. In this way, I work best with clients who value similar traits as I am able to provide them with honest, researched-backed, unbiased and frank advice, even those which might be difficult to hear or say.

Once you are relied on by a client, you must commit to walking with them through the different stages of their lives, just as a family member would.


To find out more about bespoke financial solutions or mentorship opportunities, schedule a coffee

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