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Francis’ less than humble beginnings has made him more sensitive to the suffering of others and spurs him to share his good fortune with the underprivileged.

His personal goal when it comes to investments is not about making more money but enabling himself to do more to help the less privileged in Singapore and abroad.

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Rajvithi Home for Girls

Francis pledged to provide free lunches for 50 orphans at the Rajvithi Home For Girls in Bangkok, Thailand. These girls from broken and/or poverty-stricken homes enjoyed sumptuous meals on four different occasions in 2011 and 2012. He also purchased much-needed household supplies and groceries for the Home when he visited on 28 May 2011.

To learn more about Rajvithi Home For Girls or to offer a donation or volunteer services, visit their site here.


PEACE-Connect Neighbourhood Link

Francis has made arrangements to provide packet food on a monthly basis for 50 elderly folks at PEACE-Connect. He also threw a Christmas Lunch Party in 2013 for approximately 70 elderly folks.

To know more about PEACE-Connect, visit their site.

Other efforts

Francis also makes monthly donations to the National Cancer Center and the National Heart Foundation, on top of his generous contributions to St. Luke's Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Singapore Children's Association, Guanyin Rescue Clinic and Singapore Public Hospital.


The title of Honorary President was bestowed on him by the Public Free Clinic Society for his kind donations.


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